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Don't waste your time with illegitimate logo design companies just to save a few bucks. Ridiculously low prices or amateur design contests filled with third-world "designers" do not have the professional experience, industry knowledge or perfectionist care that we offer.

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The process from which you order your logo to when you receive your final designs is convenient and painless. We ensure that our customers are satisfied every step of the way.

1. Choose Package and Fill Out Order Form

We offer 5 logo packages that are suited for different types of needs. When you select the right package, you will go through a simple and secure order process provided by Paypal (You do not need a Paypal account to purchase). The entire order process will take less than a few minutes and you will be on you way in filling out a design brief which our designers will use to create an elegant and creative logo for your business.

Your company and design brief can be very detailed or not depending on what you prefer. You can either simply state a few details and allow our designers to use their creativity or you can ask for specifics into how you want your logo to be.

2. The Design Team Brainstorms and Begin Designs

Our logo designers each have their own unique style, experience and method. Our designers each brainstorms and researches about the company, the industry and the client-base. They then discuss and work on design ideas over time as they conceptualize the perfect logo for your company.

This process ensures that you receive different viewpoints from your design team. In the end, what you get are logos from various viewpoints and creative differences.

3. You Receive Initial Concepts and Request Revisions if Necessary

Within a few business days you will have all your logos emailed to you and you can conveniently take a look at the concepts whenever you have are free to. There is no time constraints whatsoever so feel free to show them around to your partners, friends and clients and see their opinions.

If you need revisions, you can simply do this by replying to the email we would have sent you with your original logo designs asking for a revision. You can reply in your own time without any quick rush period and your design team will work on finishing your logos as soon as we get the revision requests.

4. You Receive Final Files After a Thorough Quality Control Process

When you are satisfied with a specific logo design concept, you can request it to be finalized and we will send you the final logo files via e-mail. The files and format (vector included) will allow you to use them for whatever purpose you need whether its for your website, t-shirts, product placements – anything!

Before the final files are sent in, the account manager reviews 2 important factors: has the quality met the high standards of our firm and does the logo samples provide enough choice for the customer? If there is any degree of uncertainty with any of the questions then the logo samples are returned back to the designers for a re-attempt with instructions on how the designer can improve the design.


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